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Priya Cuisine is a range of Authentic Tamil Nadu style South Indian food. We cater for any occasion including corporate lunches and functions. We are proud to have been selected by The Food Academy to supply sauces to SuperValu branches in Ireland.

Amudha from Priya Cuisine


My name is Amudha Naidu. I am originally from the Southern part of India – a placed called Chennai. I came to Ireland more twenty years ago and settled here with my family. I’m not a professional cook by any means but I’ve been cooking my entire life. I cook what I know and that is recipes passed down through generations. Having lived in Ireland for more than 20 years I have yet to find classic South Indian products. So I’m pleased to introduce classic traditional South Indian favourites here in Ireland. These recipes are simple, fresh and authentic to the core. What better way to share a culture than through food. Hope you enjoy this little taste of what South India has to offer. After all, a happy belly = a happy heart!

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  • Starters
    Chicken 65

    Boneless chicken cubes marinated with special
    masala [mild] and fried.

    Lollipop Chicken

    Tender chicken pieces marinated with
    spices and deep fried.

    Fish Cutlet

    Tuna fish with very mild Indian spices, onion, garlic, ginger, potato coriander
    and curry leaves, mixed together and shallow fried.

    Fish Fry

    Sea bass marinated with spices and fresh
    herbs, gram flour and deep fried.

    Masala Vada

    Chenna dhal soaked for a few hours and mixed with Indian herbs, very mild spices and fried.

    Medhu Vada

    Southern Fried Doughnuts! Spicy.

    Bajis (Onion, Potato)

    Deep fried spices onion and potato mixed in gram flour batter and spices.

    Onion Pagodas

    Chickpea flour and mild spices, onion, ginger, garlic, coriander leaves, green chilli and curry leaves mixed together and deep fried. This is very popular in India and European countries.

    Mushroom Pepper Fry

    Mushroom fried with onion, ginger, garlic and black pepper.

  • Mains
    Chicken Tikka Masala (N L)

    With free range chicken marinated in spices,
    yogurt, tomatoes – oven grilled.

    Chicken Chettinadu (M L)

    Marinated chicken with roasted special spicy
    masala in a gravy containing coconut,
    tomatoes and onion.

    Chilli Chicken

    Free range chicken curry with bell peppers, onions and Indian herbs, chard and goats cheese (V)

    Prawn Curry

    Fresh water tiger prawns in a classic south Indian gravy.

    Chicken Salna (L/N)

    Chicken gravy with freshly ground spices - Very spicy.

    Andhra Green Chilli Chicken

    Chicken marinated in chilli sauce gravy.

    South Indian Fish Curry (M)

    Fresh Sea Bass cooked in tamarind sauce with mild South Indian spices.

    Chicken Butter Masala (M)

    Irish free range chicken cooked in creamy tomato sauce.

    Lamb Chops Masala

    Irish lamb chops - lean meat cooked in South Indian spices.

  • Vegetarian
    Palak Paneer (L)

    Spinach cooked with Indian cottage cheese
    and mild south Indian spices.

    Chilli Paneer (N L)

    Paneer marinated with mild spices and cooked with
    fresh vegetables.

    Channa Masala (N)

    Chick peas curry cooked with ginger, garlic,
    onions and tomatoes.

    Katharikai Kulambu (N/M)

    Eggplant in a tamarind based curry.

    Bindi Masala (M)

    Special Okra gravy dish.

    Tomato Korma

    Mild gravy with fresh tomatoes and coconut.

    Tomato Dhal (M)

    Lentils cooked in an onion and tomato based gravy.

  • Briyani
    Arcot Chicken Briyani (N/L)

    Basmati rice flavoured with saffron in a special masala cooked with chicken.

    Lamb Briyani (N/L)

    Marinated spring lamb cooked with spices
    and rice.

    Vegetarian Briyani (N/L)

    Basmati rice with cauliflower, beans, carrots, potatoes and peas.




    Steam cooked rice and dhal batter pieces. Served with Sambar (lentil curry) (M) and fresh coconut chutney.


    Dhal and rice batter pancakes. Served with Onion chutney (M)

    Masala Dosa

    Pan fried dosa served with spicy potato masala filling.


    Oil fried dough pieces containing wheat flour, salt and oil. Served with Aloo (potato) curry (M/N)

    Rava Uppuma (G/N/M)

    Rava made of semolina cooked with Indian mils herbs and spices.

    Ven Pungal

    Noong dhal and rice cooked with spices (mild) and served with dhal curry.

    Bhatura (G/L)

    Pancakes made of plain flour – oil fried. Served with channa masala.

  • RICE
    Pulao rice

    Peas rice

    Lemon rice

    Kushka rice

    Steamed rice

    Tomato rice

    Puthina rice (mint)

    Gulab Jamun

    Semiya Payasam

    Rava Kasseri

    Badam Kheer




    Yoghurt with onion, cucumber, tomato and coriander.

    Poppadums (two pieces)

    Allergy Information

    N = Nuts
    L = Lactose content
    S = Soya
    F = Fish
    M = Mustard
    E = Eggs


We can be found in SuperValu branches (in the Food Academy section).

We can also cater to your corporate functions, events and large groups.
For larger groups call ahead to ensure availability.


Phone: 087 289 1501